China Telecom's 5G SA network is the world's first in large-scale commercial use, the world's largest!

 2020 Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo will be held in Pazhou, Guangzhou from November 7th to 8th. At the meeting, China Telecom announced that 5G SA will be the world's first large-scale commercial use, and China Telecom's 5G customized network will be newly released.

Li Zhengmao, general manager of China Telecom Group, delivered a keynote speech at the exhibition, expounding China Telecom's ecological concept and future layout.

He said that the world's largest 5G SA network was officially put into use, supporting the three application scenarios of eMBB, URLLC, and mMTC. It has been applied to multiple sub-scenarios such as smart policing, smart factories, and smart grids.

In addition, he also pointed out that China Telecom will ensure security throughout, and develop next-generation communication technologies with 5GSA, cloud-network integration, industry GB, cloud terminals, and technological innovation as the main entry points.

China Telecom is also the world's first to release the "White Paper", take the lead in customizing the "Deployment Guide", and is the first to deploy large-scale commercial applications. And use application drivers to create 5G customized networks to meet the differentiated digital needs of customers.

At present, the world's largest 5G network SA network built by China Telecom has been commercialized nationwide, taking the lead in opening a new era of digitalization that empowers hundreds of industries.

It is reported that China Telecom has deployed more than 320,000 5G base stations, covering more than 300 cities across the country.

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