Nikon is finally getting harder? Top flagship full-frame mirrorless Z 9 specifications exposed

Although Nikon and Canon officially launched their full-frame mirrorless camera systems in the same year, it is obvious that Nikon is slightly weaker in terms of product and market popularity and publicity, and the stamina is insufficient, not to mention that there were mirrorless cameras like Sony The big guy, and the younger Panasonic's chasing after him, his situation is more embarrassing. Fortunately, in the recent period, it is obvious that Nikon is making more efforts for the Z series full-frame mirrorless cameras. A variety of new bodies and lenses have been launched one after another, and the Z 6II and Z 7II will be available soon. And just recently there is an exciting rumor that the true top flagship full-frame mirrorless Nikon Z 9 has finally been exposed, and some parameters have also been announced (only rumors, not the final specifications), and will be released next fall. , It seems that Nikon is really going to be tough this time!

According to the rumored information, this Nikon Z 9 will adopt a professional appearance design similar to the D6 that integrates the body and the handle, uses 46 million effective pixels, supports 20fps high-speed follow-up continuous shooting, and can shoot 8K And 4K 120p video. In addition, in terms of professional shooting, the Z 9 will have the same autofocus performance as the Sony A9 II and an electronic viewfinder with no black field. Although Canon EOS R5 has the meaning of a top flagship camera in terms of speed, it is still a little tasteless in appearance. Perhaps this time Nikon is really going to fight back.

The following are the rumored specifications of the Nikon Z 9:

. Expected to be published in autumn 2021

. Nikon has no plans to launch the so-called Z 8 full-frame mirrorless single

. The Z 9 test prototype may be tested in the Tokyo Olympics next year

. A new NIKKOR Z 400mm F2.8 telephoto lens will be released at the same time

. Adopts an integrated body similar to D6, with the high pixels of Canon EOS R5, and the same autofocus performance as Sony A9II

. EVF electronic viewfinder without black screen

. 46 million effective pixels full-frame CMOS (does not rule out the previously rumored 60 million pixel sensor)

. 20fps follow focus high-speed continuous shooting

. Support 8K 30p, and 4K120p/60p/30p video shooting

. The new EXPEED image processor designed for 8K shooting

. Improve auto focus system, support subject detection auto focus

. XQD/CFexpress Type B dual card slot

. ISO64-25600 standard sensitivity range, expandable Hi1 (ISO 51200) and Hi2 (ISO 102400)

. Brand new menu interface, there will be no second small screen on the back of the machine

. Brand new EN-EL18x lithium battery

. Built-in Gigabit LAN, USB-C, Wi-Fi and GPS

. Price 6000-7000 USD

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