Is the iPhone 12 series worth buying? If you want to start, see here

After one year, the iPhone 12 series, Apple’s first 5G mobile phone, has finally been released. This year, Apple launched four models to cater to different consumer groups.

After Apple released the iPhone 12, there has been a lot of heated discussion, so is the iPhone 12 series worth buying?

This year, everyone’s hot topics about Apple are mainly focused on: the iPhone 12 series does not have the high 120Hz refresh rate as previously reported; the iPhone 12 mini screen size is only 5.4 inches, and only supports a single card; this year Apple no longer has the iPhone 12 series Comes with wired headset and charger.

In addition, many brokers are not optimistic about the sales of the iPhone 12 series. They believe that the iPhone 12 is priced higher than expected, which will have a certain impact on sales.

But having said that, the advantages of this year’s iPhone 12 series are also remarkable, such as the return to the classic design of the iPhone 4, the A14 Bionic chip in all series, the use of OLED displays in all series, the unprecedented powerful imaging system, the return of the wireless charging system MagSafe, and A variety of "premium" colors make the fruit powder shine.

Of course, the biggest highlight of this phone is to support 5G, as Apple CEO Cook said at the press conference: "A new era of iPhone has arrived.

Indeed, judging from the fact that the first batch of Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro sold out, Apple is ushering in "the most important product cycle since iPhone 6," and the follow-up iPhone 12 series is likely to drive the global 5G mobile phone replacement tide. .

A few days ago, Apple’s official and major e-commerce platforms have opened pre-sales, and the scene is also very popular. Users who have not grabbed the first batch of Apple’s official website can choose to participate in more economical promotions, such as the promotions launched by Suning e-commerce platform— —Suning Tesco's one-stop renewal service.'s one-stop renewal service realizes the one-step process of buying the new and selling the old. Users do not need to complete the trade-in action in two steps. The process is simple and it saves money. Users only need to search for the new machine they want to buy on the App, click on the "Renew now" section on the product page to enter the one-stop subsidy direct exchange page, evaluate the old machine online, and get the estimated price of the old machine based on the old machine The estimated price gets the corresponding old-for-new subsidy. After the evaluation of the old machine is completed, the old machine model can be 100% deducted from the new machine model. The user can purchase the new machine only by paying the difference. The recycling and replacement are completed at one time, which is more convenient and faster. It supports two service modes: door-to-door and store-to-store. The point of visiting the store can be said to give full play to the advantages of Suning’s offline physical stores. This is also not available on other e-commerce platforms. Consumers can take their old mobile phones and directly exchange them. The new mobile phone is very convenient to go, and the price difference is superimposed with the coupon and full reduction of the new phone itself, and it can be used in installments. 

Take the iPhone 12 as an example. The 128G iPhone 12 is priced at 6,799 yuan, and the old iPhone 11 is estimated at 2,957 yuan. Suning’s exclusive subsidy for trade-in is 550 yuan, and the final purchase of the 128G iPhone 12 will only cost 6799-2957-550=3292 yuan. 3292 yuan can be divided into 12 interest-free installments, only 274 yuan per month! It can be said to be really fragrant.

In addition to the one-stop renewal and the recovery of the original price of the old machine, Suning also has activities and services such as a high subsidy of 1550 yuan for the old machine renewal, 12 interest-free periods, and 1-to-1 customer service guidance. It can be said that the iPhone 12 series is still Apple's most powerful iPhone, and the series of activities launched by Suning are also really fragrant. Friends can choose according to their own needs and their own circumstances.

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