iPhone 12 series return to Touch ID fingerprint recognition? The position of the power button is "very interesting"

 News on October 7th, early this morning, Apple officially announced that a new product launch will be held at 1 am on October 14th, Beijing time, and the long-awaited iPhone 12 will also be unveiled.

Now foreign netizens have exposed a picture, the above information shows that iPhone 12 will support Touch ID function, which means that this series of mobile phones will support fingerprint unlocking.

In addition, judging from the photos released, this phone is a higher-level iPhone 12, equipped with three lens camera modules at the back.

Previously, Apple's iPhone 11 series and other mobile phones used Face ID facial recognition, but due to the particularity of this year's epidemic, wearing masks has become the norm for epidemic prevention and control, which also makes facial recognition very "tasteless".

If the news is true, then the Touch ID component will be integrated on the power button, and the phone can be easily unlocked when the phone is turned on, which can be said to be very convenient. In fact, Apple’s newly released iPad Air 4 uses the Touch ID integrated power button two-in-one design, so this design is very likely to appear in the iPhone 12 series.

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