BOE's OLED screen has been approved by Apple: confirmed to be available for iPhone 12

 Yesterday , there have been rumors that Chinese panel manufacturer BOE will supply OLED screens for Apple. During the period, it was also reported that because BOE OLED screens failed Apple's quality test, it may not be the iPhone this year. 12 messages for the screen. However, the latest report claims that BOE has become the screen supplier of Apple's iPhone 12.

According to domestic media reports, the BOE B11 factory will supply OLED screens for some new iPhone 12 devices. If the report is true, it also means that BOE's OLED screen has been recognized by Apple. 

As early as June this year, some media reported that BOE B11 OLED samples failed Apple's review and missed the supply of iPhone 12. Apple’s new OLED orders were monopolized by Samsung and LG Display. Subsequently, BOE submitted the OLED screen of the B7 factory, hoping to supply the screen for the iPhone 12s or iPhone 13 next year.

In fact, BOE has already entered Apple's supply chain before, and it is the main supplier of display panels for products such as Apple Watch.

According to data, the BOE B11 plant is located in Mianyang, Sichuan, with an investment of RMB 46.5 billion, and will be put into operation in 2019. In addition, there is also the B7 OLED production line put into production in 2017. In the second half of next year, BOE Chongqing's B12 production line will also start.

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