Apple iPhone 13 series have started teasing despite that iPhone 12 has not been released

This year, Apple’s iPhone 12 series was delayed until October, but all the waiting is worth it. Apple will bring the most powerful lineup to date, with a total of four iPhone models unveiled.

But what is interesting is that Apple’s iPhone 12 has not yet officially arrived, but the iPhone 13 series to be released in 2021 has begun to surface.

According to news on October 3, industry insider Ross Young exposed the iPhone 13 series lineup on Twitter, which also has four models like the iPhone 12

Sizes include 5.42 inches, 6.06 inches (two models) and 6.67 inches, of which 5.42 inches are provided by Samsung and LG Display, 6.06 inches are provided by LG Display and BOE, and iPhone 13 Pro 6.06 inches is provided by LG Display and BOE, 6.67 The inch screen is exclusively provided by Samsung.

The report also said that the iPhone 13 standard version does not support millimeter waves, while the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max support millimeter waves. The latter two models also include TOF lenses. All four iPhone models support Face ID and may continue the Liu Haiping solution.

It is worth noting that the main camera of the iPhone 13 Pro series has been upgraded, with a unit pixel area of ​​1.9μm and a total of three cameras. The standard version of the main camera has a unit pixel area of ​​1.7μm and a total of two cameras. As usual, the iPhone 13 will debut around September 2021.

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