Apple Integrates Touch ID On iPad Air 4 Power Switch

News on October 5th, Apple held a new product launch event in autumn on September 15th, and released new products including iPad Air 4 and iPad 8. The iPad Air 4 used the power switch and Touch ID button for the first time Two-in-one design.

Apple’s vice president of hardware engineering John Turners and Apple’s vice president of product marketing Bob Bouchers talked about Touch ID on the iPad Air 4 on Saturday’s iJustine and JennEzarik podcast "The Same Brain", Boucher Si described the change as "the integration of all the functions and security of the fingerprint sensor into the engineering design of the form factor, which is an incredible feat." 

The so-called "unbelievable engineering feat" that Bouchers said is mainly related to the cellular iPad. The top of the casing is the antenna. "This incredible Touch ID sensor must be placed in an incredible antenna, and It is necessary to figure out how to make them "between each other and not interfere with each other".

Due to the particularity of the global outbreak this year, Apple's Face ID has become very tasteless, and it also shows the necessity of Touch ID. Apple canceled Face ID and switched to Touch ID in iPad Air 4 this time, which not only increased the screen ratio, but also saved the cost of components, making this product more cost-effective.

Of course, the iPad Air 4 is just the beginning. In the future, Apple will have more products that use the power button to integrate the Touch ID sensor design, let us wait and see.

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