Reno4 SE first sells 12 issues with interest-free start, 65W super flash charging is difficult to recover

[ Mobile Channel] The new Reno series OPPO Reno4 SE has been on sale today (September 25) at 10 am, the 8GB+128GB version is priced at 2499 yuan, and the 8GB+256GB version is priced at 2799 yuan. According to OPPO’s new machine purchase benefits, during the first sale period, 12 interest-free periods and a maximum additional subsidy of 1,000 yuan will be provided to provide different consumers with more targeted and rich preferential purchase schemes. The ultimate efficiency of 65W super flash charging. 
  OPPO Reno4 SE is currently OPPO’s thinnest and lightest 5G mobile phone, with a weight of only 169g and a body thickness of only 7.85mm. More importantly, it has a built-in 65W super flash charge under such a thin and light body. From the current point of view, 65W super flash charging has been applied to OPPO Find X2 series, OPPO Ace2 and Reno4 series models, which means that OPPO super flash technology has been very mature, and 65W super flash charging has begun to be popularized in various gears. , Allowing more users to enjoy OPPO’s black charging technology, not just the flagship exclusive. Users who have booked earlier have received new phones one after another today, and left a comment of "65W Super Flash, I love it." It can be said that OPPO's Super Flash really facilitates many user groups. 

  It is worth mentioning that the 65W Super Flash Charger equipped with OPPO Reno4 SE has also passed the TÜV Rheinland Safe Fast Charge System certification, allowing users to enjoy the ultimate charging efficiency with peace of mind. In terms of long-term use experience consistency, the battery capacity is still greater than 80% after 800 cycles of Reno4 SE battery. In addition to more extreme charging efficiency, OPPO Reno4 SE also provides multiple battery life optimization strategies at the software level. ColorOS 7.2 "power saving mode" and "super power saving mode" provide targeted optimization for daily use of the machine background management, night standby power consumption control, and extreme long battery life scenarios, realizing a safe battery life experience. 

  65W super flash charge can help OPPO Reno4 SE to be charged to 40% of the battery in just 10 minutes, and a large 4300mAh battery can be charged in 35 minutes. With super battery life, there is no need to worry about daily use. Anxiety about battery power, after all, "charging for 5 minutes, playing for 4 hours" is a real experience that can be achieved

 In addition to the ultra-thin body and 65W super flash charge, the appearance of OPPO Reno4 SE can be said to be the most attractive one in the Reno family. On OPPO's official website, the first batch of users rated the most on the design of the new phone. "Beautiful" and "good-looking" seem to be insufficient to describe the OPPO Reno4 SE. In the color, there are three options: "Super Flash Black", "Super Flash Blue" and "Super Flash White". In order to improve the color transparency of the back shell, the official also adopts the dip dyeing and gradient coating process to accurately adjust the coating thickness to increase the reflectivity. , Shaping a higher texture, this kind of craft has been recognized and appreciated by fans and users. 
  OPPO has an unremitting spirit of exploring the ultimate beauty. It has been trying to find design inspiration from nature, trying to perfectly integrate technology into the natural aesthetic design of the product, and then creating a unique OPPO design aesthetic that is different from the previous Generation product design. OPPO Reno4 SE adopts a "light and small light" design with gradient color texture stitching to create a stylish appearance. The stitching lines pass through the middle of the camera module. The color transparency is improved through the process of dip dyeing and gradient coating. Under sunlight, it changes with the angle of light. Different, achieve two different light pattern effects. 

  Overall, OPPO Reno4 SE, as a popular 5G product for more consumers, is equipped with 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 technology for the first time in the price range of 2000-2500 yuan, bringing the ultimate charging efficiency. The appearance breaks through the traditional gradient design, which is its highlight, and the user's praise is even more expected

In addition to the multiple benefits of purchases, OPPO also launched the "Renewal Exclusive Subsidy" program. In addition to the 99 yuan plus the original price of 299 yuan for real wireless headphones and the gift of Internet rights and benefits, users purchase OPPO Reno4 SE to participate in the trade-in with the highest extra With a subsidy of 1,000 yuan, the depreciation of each series of OPPO models will be used to deduct the purchase price and additional subsidies will be given according to different standards. The maximum subsidy of 1,000 yuan can be easily started at a lower price. OPPO Reno4 SE, as the newest member of the Reno series, has a balanced appearance and strength. At a price that everyone can accept, this 5G video phone with a "bright spot" is a good choice.

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