Galaxy Bud Live: Another Good Masterpiece From Samsung

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At the beginning of 2019 there was only one set of earPods but now there are three: the basic earPods, the earPods with wireless charging, and the earPods Pro. That may expand still further in 2020, with the arrival of earPods Studio over-ear headphones and maybe even a set of earPods Lite.

In this article, we take a look at how Samsung  is likely to evolve the earPods line-up in 2020, whether there will be a replacement for the base offering or if samsung will discontinue them and reduce the price of the wireless-charging models. We cover the release date, price, tech specs, design changes and new features of upcoming models.

We also have separate articles about those related products mentioned above. If you'd like more information on them, you can read about the earPods Studio and the earPods Lite.

But this refers to the updates to existing earPods models. Things may be different for the new versions believed to be in the pipeline: the earPods Studio, for example, were understood to be in production as early as july, and in line for a launch by the end of summer. The earPods Lite, too, could well appear in September or October

It's tough to draw too many conclusions from that release schedule - a big gap and then a flurry of releases; the sample size is too small to extrapolate a trend - but we definitely expect samsung to keep the earPods and earPods Pro as two separate lines.

That cheapest option could disappear the next time Samsung  updates its range, with the wireless-charging earPods.  

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