The iPhone company said that iPhone 12 will Likely be Equipped with up to 6GB of RAM..

The iPhone 12 new capture
Apple is about to officially launch, a new generation of iPhones with the expected name of iPhone 12 series. The direction of iPhone 12 series we have made it change both inside and outside. 

Accordingly, the iPhone 12 series is expected to support SG connectivity, the notch we will be similar and more. of course, Apple will also upgrade the RAM level of day upcoming iPhone 12 series. 

on July, tipster revealed in a twee, claiming that Apple will upgrade the RAM for the version of the 12inch series to 6GB. 
The iPhone company
However, previous news and of course recent comments have said that Apple is expected to launch up24 version of the iPhone 12 series Namely:
. iPhone 12 with 5.4 inch screen 
. iPhone 12 with a 6.1 inch screen (success iPhone ui) 
. iPhone 12 pro max with 6.7 inch screen (success iPhone ll pro max)  
The iPhone company

According to recent news, boot iPhone 12 Pro an iPhone 12 pro max models can be equipped with 6GB ram, while the remaining two models we only have 4 GB RAM. 

However,  this information is still likely to be misleading so we still need to wait for the coming weeks to have more detail. 

Hence the news generation of iPhones will still be announced in September, but source familiar with d matter said that there will still be delay with some iPhones models in the iPhone 12 series. 

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