See how Joseph name Jacquard Reinvented Jacquard loom

the latest Jacquard machine

Jacquard loom is  one of the most expensive machine in the world. 

Joseph name Jacquard aslik weather invested in improved teleive loom. The Jacquard loom was the first machine to use punched cord. Those punched 
Cards controlled The Weeking ,enabling an ordinary work men do produce the most beautiful pattern in a style previously accomplished only with patience, skills and hard work. 
Jacquard is a weeving loom. name after it inventor 
Jacquard 's loom mechanism is controlled by record
pattern off has in a strong of gard and allows what is now know as the Jacquard weaving of intricate patterns. 
Jacquard loom, In  weaving device incorporated a special looms to control individual warp yarns. It also enabled looms to produce fibrix. 

In June 13 Jacquard loom was reinvented by Joseph Jacquard and demonstrated in 1801, Jacquard loom is an attachment 4-powered fabric. 

The modern Jacquard machines are controlled by computer in place of the original punched cards, and can have thousands of hooks. 
The threading of a Jacquard machine is so labour_ intensive that many looms treated only once. 

The handloom was used for weaving slick at storehouse in Lanarkshire in the 20th century. 
It was Jacquard attachment which allows complex patterns to be woven the Punch cards used in the Jacquard mechanism laid the foundation for modern computer programming. 
the latest Jacquard machine
The Jacquard machine is also a device filted to a loom that slimplities process of manufacturing textiles with such complex patterns as brocade, damask and matelasse. 

That is all about Jacquard machine for now.. 

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