Over 30,000 People Volunteers As Two Samples Of Covid 19 Vaccine Is In Final Testing Stage

Volunteers will be vaccinated with genetic material fragments of the corona virus. These two vaccines were researched and developed by Pfizer and Moderna, in conjunction with the US National Institutes of Health. The researchers also did not forget to claim to meet the speed and safety of the vaccine development stage.

The testing of vaccines was conducted on a large scale by 30,000 volunteers in various areas of the United States. Half will be vaccinated, the other half will be given a placebo (there is no cure). Pfizer also announced it would test over 30,000 volunteers in 120 different regions around the globe.

Anthony S. Fauci-, director of the Institute of Allergy & Infectious Studies, said the vaccine developed by Moderna could be available in November or December this year. He hopes that the vaccine will be launched sooner. Pfizer also announced the manufacturer 's ability to obtain a vaccine in October this year.

Both companies and the US government emphasize that although the process of developing vaccines is taking place very quickly, much better than previous vaccines, the parties will not because of the speed factor but ignore the safety.

Both vaccines have 2 shots, spaced a few weeks apart. Researchers will then monitor the symptoms of infection or disease manifestations of volunteers. But the researchers have one goal: those who get vaccinated will reduce their chance of infection, if volunteers are infected, the effects of the virus will be reduced.

To demonstrate the vaccine's ability, statisticians have set the ratio of the number of infected people to the number of volunteers. Accordingly, to prove that the vaccine of 60% effective Moderna, the number of people infected is 150 / 30,000.

The vaccine will contain a gene fragment that stores genetic material that is harmless to the virus. After volunteers are vaccinated, the cells in the body respond to these genes, the immune system reaches out to the intruder, and finds a way to combat these agents, without causing the body to infection.

Scientists also reassured people that the vaccine rumors (containing a part of the virus) would spread the disease more quickly. In fact, the vaccine does not carry germs and does not make volunteers infected. The vaccine only contains a portion of the genetic material that makes up the virus, the purpose is for the immune system to "recognize" the virus and generate antibodies so that the body can defeat the actual corona virus later.

Modena's representative also said that this is a historical achievement of the medical industry, when the first drug containing information RNA was clinically tested in phase III.

On Monday afternoon in the US, Pfizer began testing his vaccine on eight volunteers.

Regarding the selection of volunteers, the researchers also identified a wide variety of people, including people of color, Hispanics, Native Americans and the elderly. The director of the US National Institutes of Health urges volunteers to "contribute and become a part of history to defeat the world's most serious epidemic within the past year".

Moderna plans to produce 500 million doses of vaccine a year. By 2021, the company will increase to 1 billion doses / year. Over the weekend, the US government pledged $ 472 million for Moderna's extensive testing program.

Not only the United States, several other countries are also preparing to test the vaccine on a large scale, including two vaccines from China, and the vaccine by Oxford University (UK) is testing in Brazil and Africa.
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