Check out how Omashola was begging to have Kim Oprah back. See( photos) of Kim Oprah and Omashola

Omashola was crying and begging bitterly to have back Kim Oprah. 

Last episode of The Big Brother naija reunion as usual uncovered some intriguing details about the ex house mate and their love live. 

The major highlight of the Gathering was the stipulated relationship between Omashola and Kim Oprah. 

Did you had their time to talk about their relationship with each other and Omashola Bluntly  opened up on the way how he feels about Kim Oprah. 

The Instagram celebrity Omashola open up and said that he can do anything in this life to have her pride Kim Oprah, and nothing can stop him even though God send down Jesus on Earth that he will never live Kim Oprah. 
Omashola disclose that he truly wanted a beautiful star and he's ready to do anything to have her back a statement which has made people believe that the deal has been in a secret relationship. 

See recent  photos of Kim Oprah :

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