See how hushpuppi disappeared from the Supreme Court.

Immediately after arrived at the supreme court he disappeared

As this was reported earlier Nigerian billionaire based in Dubai hushpuppi was arrested by the federal burearri of intelligence and the international police.

Hushpuppi arrest video which has gone viral after Dubai police catch the Nigeria Instagram celebrities inside one fox hunt 2 operations inside United Arab Emirate.

Now many people are asking question like who is hushpuppi girlfriend? Who is hushpuppi parent? Others are asking what is hushpuppi net worth after Dubai police believe they arrest video on Thursday.

But hushpuppi is not his real name of this man that Dubai police arrested for internet crime that was over 160 billion naira that is 1.6 billion dirham to naira
Hushpuppi arrest was confirmed after closed friend and some business faithful could not reach him because his phone was off.

It would be recalled that in 2020, a similar raid by the FBI was Made on another Nigerian Billionaire MOMPHA who was also arrested for money laundering.

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