See How governor wiki sacks microfinance agency boss, orders immediate arrest of official overs fraud (photos)

River State governor, Nyeson wike, has approved a dismissal of the managing director of Rivers State microfinance agency, DR Ipalibo Sogules over alleged fraud. 

Governor Nyeson wike has ordered the sake of the managing director of Rivers State microfinance agency, Dr Ipalibo Sogules over allegation of fraud against him. 

In a statement released  by the state commissioner for information and communication paulinus nsirim, it gathered that River State governor also ordered the dismissal of the head of SMES, MR Nimi Harry, the head of finance and account, Mr Ykele Okorji, and internal auditor, Mr Sotiri koko.

Governor wiki also said that if he should notice any flooding again in Rivers State that he is going to suck all the managing director of every single bank in the state.

And he is also don't welcome Army Force police force and most especially the Sars squad.

He said Rivers State should be careful for now especially this season of coronavirus.

Governor Nyeson wike is one of the good governor in Nigeria and the most important and riches. 

Governor Nyeson Wiki further directed that the head of the other departments of the agency's be arrested for future investigations. 

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