Onitsha head Bridge on fire

Nigeria is on fire a full truck with goods just explode                                                                                

People are saying that Nigeria fire service is no longer doing they job. 

That the federal government of Nigeria should see what to do ever fast before it become late. 

People are saying a lot of thing some are saying that they should suspend them for 2 month ,some are saying for 1year 

This is just happening now in Nigeria ,anambra state  and delta, and nothing have been done about it

Onitsha health Bridge is one of the biggest and most expensive Bridge In in Africa so let's Federal Government put I eyes on it so that it will not burnt down by fire.

Based on what we are seeing the fire is too much for the bridge it might cause a very big problem in anambra state and delta state and even Nigeria so Federal Government should give query today managing director or fire service of those two States immediately.

The fire cute about 100 people today somewhere jumping into the river Niger what a great disaster in Nigeria God help us and our government.

 according to people and the screenshot it Bond many cars and vehicle, many people lost their life and son was injured. 


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