Nigeria federal SARS said that they are going to Dubai to arrest more Yahoo boys(photos). πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Shortly after the arrest of some fraud Masters, hushpuppi and colleagues, the federal said of Nigeria said they will be travelling to Dubai next week to arrest  all the Yahoo boys thereπŸ˜‚
According to Twitter users identified as HENRIBANKZ, HUSHPUPPI ,WOODBERRY and two of their men who hijacked the money were picked up the INTERPOL and FEDERAL BUREAH of investigation.

Nigerian Police service was also founded in 1930

Sars is also the special anti-robbery squad

They also said some of the challenges faced by victims of SARS by-election include concerted opposition from the police authorities while shaking Justice including threats to their life.

The Nigerian authorities must go beyond lip service to ensure there is real reform within the Nigerian police force with an emphasis on SARS.

You can also report a crime even if you do not know who committed it. You can report a crime at any police station or today Cantonal prosecution service, either verbally or in writing.

Nigerian SARS is one of the biggest and strongest police force in the world and also the most serious they are going to Dubai to arrest all Yahoo boys Nigeria SARS said with anger.

Only what they need now is for the Federal Government to permit them.

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