Check out what Regina Daniels fan says to her on social media

Would you have called this old man in your world if he had no money Regina Daniels fancies to her. 

A social media user has taken a swipe at billionaire wife and Nollywood actress Regina Daniel over her marriage to her 64 years old husband, Ned Nwoko. 

The user took Regina Daniel through a little seft_convicting process as she open her up to Reckoning the fact that Regina Daniel would not have fallen into the arms of Ned Nwoko if he did not have money as he has now. 

According to the troll, Regina Daniel could not have conferred the title of my world on the old man if he was poor. 


Just imagine this old man without money would you open your mouth and call him your world?.... . Respect to a woman that stick to their man no matter how the situation..... 

See the screenshot below:

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