See the case of coronavirus in Africa, pray for Africa

This is to assure you that the world is coming to an end trump says to the presidents of Africans. 

He also said to the other country's who are not infected should pray for Africans.

They are now then over 380, 000 confirmed cases of coronavirus across the continent, with a number of African countries imposing a range of preventive and containment measures against the spread of the pandemic.

According to the latest data by the John Hopkins University and African centre for disease control on covid_19 in Africa, the deck that remains fluid as countries confirmed case as and when. As of May 13 every African country has recorded and infection the list bring Lesotho.

We shall keep updating the list largely sourced from the john Hockins University tallies, African CDC and from official government data.

Major African Stats: June 29 at 7:00
Confirmed case=382,190
Active case=189,973
Recoveries =182,553
Number of deaths =9,664

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