'Heroic' wwl dog who comforted captured soldier honored 73 years after the death.

A dog who comforted Scottish soldiers while they we're imprisoned during the second world war has
been recognized with a posthumous commendation
 Bull terrier puppy was found as an abandoned puppy in Malaya by soldiers from the 2nd Baltalion
Gordon Highlanders who had been taken prisoner. 
They kept her and even shared their rations with her so she didn't go hungry ,while Peggy hunted for
rats that there could add to their meagre rations of
 She was eventually freed along with members of the Battalion on VJ DAY on 15 august, 1945 and her
bond with the soldiers was so strong that they refused to travel back to Scotland without her.
 "Heroic"peggy is now receiving a posthumous PDSA commendation with a special ceremony at the Gordon Highlanders Museum in Aberdeen.
The award recognises peggy's dedication to the soldiers as they fought Japanese forces, including
boosting their morale during the three-and-a-half
years they spend imprisoned in Thailand carring
Out hard labour.
Stewart Mitchell, a volunteer historian at the museum, who nominated peggy for the award said.
"Throughout the whole duration of their imprison_
meant, with the men in a seemingly hopeless
situation, just struggling to survive another day with no end in sight, peggy's presence boosted their
"Right up until her death in 1947,the Regiment
demonstrated a continued recognition and gratitud
to her with her grare, at the Bridge of Don Barracks
Aberdeen, being marked by a granite memorial.
"This was later relocated to a prominent position in
the ground of the new Regimental HQ which is now
the Regimental museum and is a continuing symbol
the shared loyalty and affection between the
soldiers and peggy"
Peggy was presented with her PDSA commendation by PDSA veffiong Gregge and fellow bull terrier
Billy attended the presentation to receive the
award on peggy behalf.
Fiona Said: "Peggy's remarkable story has touched
all of us here at PDSA.
"The PDSA commendation recognises the outstanding devotion that animals display and
celebrate the amazing ways they enrich our lives. it
is clear that soldier draw a great amount of strength from peggy's unwavering loyalty and friendship during what was a deeply traumatic tune in their lives.

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