See the last moment Kobe Bryant and Daughter played basketball before they Died.

Before the death of Goanna Bryant ,the daughter of Kobe Bryant, she was seen practicing her basketball skill in heels. 

In a viral video the daughter of the NBA legend who's been throwing the Ball Against the board to make baskets after making some short she dribble the ball carefully across the court in a freestyle manner.
Late Goanna Bryant daughter of Kobe Bryant practicing her soft board shooting in heels has surface online.

Cindy said video She short under the rim and Propped the ball up with her right hand before she should it against the board she repeated the process again with the same hand before she made a basket.
After doing that the 13 years old girl carefully dribbled the ball down they called and walked on in her fragile heels.

The pair was expected to take part in a basketball tournament for young player and the member sport Academy in thousand Oaks, us media report.
" but he will be remembered most for in spring people around the world to pick up a basketball and compete to the very best of their ability.

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